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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2019
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Cadillac CTS ECM ECU Engine Computer Repair&Return Service $235 Only.

Model Years of  2004 2005 2006 2007      Part numbers :12592124
24 Hours Turn Around & Expedited shipping by US Post Office Priority Mail.
Life Time Limited Warranty.

Please accompany completed WORK ORDER page
in the package that you are shipping. You will see 
The Shipping Address after you checkout. 

Systematic Repair Procedure:
A)Photograph & initial Inspection
B)Circuit Diagnostic
C)Component Repair
D)Final Analysis.

You will get Quality Rebuild by Expert with more than 30 Years Experience with High Quality & Confidence.

we accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards,or PayPal. PayPal will process your Cards.
After your payment completed you will be Redirected to this web side again to see the address page for shipping.  

 please click on  PAY NOW   button to pay the $235 for Repair

Revision 4-30-17  C248A2B

part # 12592124             Cadillac CTS  ECU