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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2016
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LincolnLS MultiFunction Module 
Front Electronic Repair :  $189.40

Rear  Electronic Repair    $188.40 
 2000- 2008   years & Models . Multi Function  Module- Front Electronic  & Rear Electronic Repair  cost  $189.40 
 with 4 year warranty . 
 1-2  business day Turn around  Normal malfunctions.
 return sipping is by  Post Office  2-3 day Priority mail.                                                                          

Please click on PAY NOW to process  your  payment  of $189.40or Font Module ,at the end of check out ,you will get the address to ship your Module to. Pease  fill out Work Order  page and  place it in the package that you ship to us.
Issues with  these Modules are malfunctions  of :
Front Exterior lights.
window issues, Instrument Illuminations.
Binary data  from instrument cluster conversion to analogue Voltages.
​Auxiliary Body Control Functions.  
Starting control issues.
Fuel pump controls.
Horn Controls.

click on PAY NOW to process your payment of $188.40
Module ,at the end of check out ,you will get the address  ship your Module to.
 Pease fill out Work Orde pageand place it in the package that you ship to us.


Revision 2,18,2016 
​        Lincoln LS  ECU/PCM  
      Engine Computer  Repair  
     2000 to 2006  Model Years
Part  numbers: 4W4A-12650-AYA
with some variations; 

Repair  Cost : $149.95
with 4 Years  Limited warranty on repairs.
Send us your  ECU /PCM  for Repair 
Turn around is 1-2 business days.
we pay for Return  Free shipping by Post Office 2days priority Mail.

Please fill out  the Work Order page and place it in the box that you send.

Please click on PayNow to pay for Repair ,you will be redirected to address to send  it after check out.