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       Thunderbird 2002-05 Electronic Modules Repairs.
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Fuel Injection Control Modules Service.
 Common Problems:: No ignition,or slow cold start,engine stops.Poor Fuel economy. or Starts OK,but a minute later shuts off
Thousands of Ford Diesel Trucks have this problem,Don't get stuck in highway !
The problem Covers These Part Numbers or the image shown :  1) 2C2412B599AA,/AB.    2) C3C412B599AA.
3) 4C3412B599AA, /  AB or AD.    4) XCF12B599AB / AA or AC      5) 5WY7137 /04 F-350 2003.
Ford  Diesel Trucks F250 - F350- F450  2003-2007   6.0 Power Stroke .   FORD LCF  V.6  power strok  Utility Transport 
Ford 7.3 Power Stroke 94-97  , Also Ford E-Van 03-09 also Ford Excursions 2003-2005  or if Module lookslike the image.

DTC code observed are: P 0611,P0 273, P0 264, P0 267, P0 279, P0 282
Also if Fuel Injection Control Module  starts  then shuts off  a minute later with No communication Code, we can fix it.

                       You send  your  Module to us  for Rebuild,we rebuild & ship it back same day we received it. 
                         Free shipping by  USPS 2-3 days  priority Mail.    $125  

Solution Graphics
Click on PAY NOW if you sending in your F.I.C.M to us to be Rebuilt. 
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5WY7137 /04  F-350  2003.