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1998-2003  Ford Windstar ABS Brake Control Module,Rebuild it for you in 24 hours.
 DTC :No communication,or ABS light or Brake Light On/Off ,One or 2 Wheel sensor no inputs.,Rebuild Price Total     $55    You have to send in your ABS Module ,Life time warranty.
ABS Module Repair for:
1999 FORD F-150  Super Cab 4.2 L ,ABS Module
also Repair for:
1997- 98  Ford F150 Expedition 
Part #F75Z-2C065-CA
or:  # F75A-2C065-CA
EBCM Repair Service.
Made by KELSEY HAYES. . Send-IN your EBCM  to rebuild it for you, for total cost of $395 with life time warranty and FREE 2-3 days USPS priority shipping back to you
common Problems:  
 DTC Code  C1155 Wheel Sensor      DTC  Code C1185 OutPut Circuit 

IMAGE of EBCM Module Ford F-150 1999  Super Cab.4.2 Liter      Part #XL 3Z2C219AA
Rebuild Turn around in 1 to 2 business days, 
Cost is    $395  this module is hard to fix.
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Other Product Serviced.

1998-2002 Ford Escort CCRM  Constant Relay Module          

1995-1996-1997 Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victoria ,Lincoln Town    ABS Module, EBCM repair:
Turn arround 1-2 business days.
life time warranty .
Free expedited priority mail return shipping. 
Send your ABS Module Only Not with  the Pump, 
Rebuild and Return cost ONLY  $48.70

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