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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2016
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Toyota Rav4 2000,2001,2002,2003  Engine computer(ECU,ECM,TCM)with Automatic Transmission, Rebuild service. 

Send Your Rav4 2001-2003 ECU to us ,we fix it for $98 with life time Limited warranty. 
1- 2 business day Turn around & Free (expedited 2 days) Priority Mail Shipping  back to your address. 
         Satisfaction Guaranteed                  
​                 WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF USA
Symptoms:  Hesitate to shift, Harsh shift ,Shift to 3th gear,Fail Safe Mode 
Fault Codes: Pressur Solenoid , Shift Solenoid, P0755, P0758, P1760 ,P0750,P0753
Reflashing does not solve this issue. All these  Problems are Corrected for good.we install a kit 3 times stronger than original one to fix  the problem. 
Revised on Aug.12,,2016
The Toyota Rav 4 Engine Computer also called ECU or Engine Control Unit is located behind the glove box, dislocate the glove box , you will see the ECU held by 2 Brackets, and 5 connectors hooked up to it,by pressing the middle plastic Flaxible latch you can pull out these connectors. The Passenger door lower side plastic trim should be removed to make the wiring loose in order to pull the connectors out.

Note: Please take Notice,if the problem in  2001,2002,2003  Toyota RAV4  which basically caused by Transmission Control Module(TCU) which in this Model of  RAV4 is built into Engine Control Unit (ECU), going into Detail, there are 2 solenoids inside Automatic Transmission that would be affected by ECU misfunction, therfore the gear system spining without getting engaged for change of shifts, if this problem ignored by the driver for few hundred miles or  Prolong driving specially in city driving of stop and go, eventually the Transmission also breaks down about 10% of the time,the best way is First to fix the ECU(the Engine Computer of your 2001-2003 Rav4 Toyota),and Only if that does not fix the problem,then you always have the option of fixing the Transmission. as I said 90% of the Time the the rebuilding of ECU will fix your problem.
Nissan Xterra  2003  ECU /ECM   will Rebuild for  $99  and 4 years warranty. Problem will be corrected once for all.

Problem: Does not start. Hard to start. Quits.
  DTC Codes: includes , U1000 CAN Circuit Problem ,C1131 Engine Signal 2 Missing  , C1132  engine signal 3 missing.

​Some of the Part Numbers Toyota  Rav4 Engine Computer,
The 2001-2003 ECUs which is combined with Automatic Transmission Control Module in this car, may be these ,but if the image on this page 
matches your Toyota Rav4  ECU,TCM we can  rebuild it.

89661-42630                         89661-42701
89661-42631                         89661-42790 
89661-42632                         89661-42800
89661-42640                         89661-42801
89661-42641                         89661-42810
89661-42642                         89661-42811
89661-42650                         89661-42820
89661-42651                         89661-42821
89661-42652                         89661-42822
89661-42660                         89661-42880
89661-42661                         89661-42890
please Click here to pay $98 , for the repair ,then Print or Copy the Work Order & Fill it and place it in the package with your ECU.  You will be redirected to the Address page at  the end of check out.
TOYOTA  Rav4  Year  2000  ECU,ECM,TCU,  Repair it here.
(Engine Computer &Transmission Control Unit) Repair Service.
Send your Rav4  ECU ,We fix it  for $97.30  with Limited 4 years Warranty on Repair. You should  fill out  the Work Order page & enclose it in the box that you send us.
Part Number:89661-42620 with  some variations         1AZ-FSE
211000-7020                                         4x4   AT (automatic Transmission)

Rav4  2000 ECU TCM  Repair cost $ 97.30  only.
we install a kit in your ECU to fix shifting  problem that you have.
4 Year Limited  warranty on Repair .
Turn around is 1-2 business days, You pay to ship it to us, we pay for shipping it back after repair. It will be shipped by Post Office 2-Days Expedited (priority  Mail).

​Send in your RAV 4  2000 ECU/TCM /ECM 
to us for repair ,Click on Pay Now to pay for repair 
you will see the address after check out  to ship it to.

RAV 4  2000 Engine Computer, ECU/ECM/TCM

 This Model used in Cars Outside  USA 
Rav4 2000 ECU Part Numbers:  89661-42492
211000-7052  12 V  3S-FE    AT