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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2019
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Lincoln Town Car 1997 OEM Lighting Control Module,Rebuilt LCM, 3 years warranty.
Lincoln Town car 1997 and up LCM Rebuild here. Do you Lose Lights,dash lights ,Head Lights and More, Fix it here fast.  $127,  Free shipping

 Lincoln 1997 LCM Removal & Installation : The Light Control Module is Located above the gas padel, 2 hex head Bolts 1/4"  diameter anchores it on the Metal Counter platform. 4 connectors from the engine side coming to the connectors of the LCM, The Connectors Latch and how to seperate them out of module is very similar to Crown Victoria 2003 to 2005 LCM , See  the images of the first page of this site to see how to release the the connectors and the Module itself. Return Items are subject to Restocking Fee of $40 plus shipping cost.
    OPTION 2:  Send In Your Module to be Rebuild Same day and shipped back to you by USPS 2-3 days Priority Mail in the same day we receive it. for only $89 
If you need 1 day Express shipping* by USPS it will cost $30 extra Total $119
 *(Express 1 day shipping: in most cases where you are 100 miles or less from air port you will receive it back by 3PM next day ,if you are small town farther than 100 miles from the Hub, you will receive it 2th day by 3 pm .)
 You  can pay by your Credit Cards,Bank Cards,or  by your PayPal balance, To pay click on PAY NOW

                                                                            Before you take your car to dealer or service place to check your car for LCM problem, This can save you Time and solve the  problem explained here,before  purchase of  another LCM,or unneeded LCM repair:
If your Flasher or Turn signal not working,and your Brake lights not lighting up, this Tech support on the phone can help you solve your problem in few minutes DIY  way.
Technical Time up to 15 minutes for Diagnostic Support on Phone is $30 
by paying the amout indicated I agree that this is for purpose of learning  and first step to solve the irregular lighting problems in my car, 
This charge is for technical time and guidence as first step towards solving the problem that you described in the message to seller or in your email to this website,I understand by paying this payment to AutomotiveModules,this payment is not refundable ,it may solve my problem ,If I calim it did not solve my problem by following  learning from this teaching ,I will send in my LCM module to be tested or if needed to be rebuild for the amount of rebuilt indicated in this page.I understand if this learning solves my problem ,I will save hours of time for service appointment,Repair,drive and wait plus part replacementand so forth. I thank Automotivemodule for helping me find the problem for such minimal amount and saves me possible headacke.  I read this statement understood and agree with the above statement and Pay by clicking on PAY NOW  here.

Option 1: We will send you a Rebuilt 1997  LCM,by US Post Expedited  Priority Mail You will get it in 2 days with Tracking Number emailed to you ,for $127 plus $100 Temporary Core deposit ,Total of $227,You install our Rebulit LCM it in your Car,and take the Old Broken LCM (CORE * : Core must be repairable, Not shorted out or not dead, or water damaged ) and put it in the same Box that you received Ours and place enclosed return address Stickers that we supplied you in the box  and ship  it to us within 1 week ,we will return your $100 Core deposit  within maximum 10 days  of receipt of your Core* (old Part), back to you,the same way that you paid it : Credit card ,debit card or any other way that you paid. ,when your $100 Refund issued back to your account email  will be sent to  you , notification of "You Got Money"to your account.
The transaction number and email notificationl is your proof of  your purchase , you must return the Core of same Model and year of LTC 1997 to us in timely manner,no later than one week. also Tampering or removing the warranty seal will void the warranty. RETURN ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO RESTOCKING FEE OF $40 PLUS SHIPPING COST.
Please copy or print the warranty from Warranty page for your record. If you agree with above statement ,then you can  process your order. TO ORDER : Click here  or see Payment page.
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Read  Payment Page
AC/Heater Controller 1997 to 2001 Lincoln Town Car ,
REPAIR SERVICE  for    $80, with 3 years limited warranty .
Send in your EATC  for repair, you pay for  shipping it to us, we pay  for return shipping cost back to you.
  The issue with these modules includes: compressor  Clutch does not engage  ,or activated. and ETC..... 

Click here to pay  for Repair Service.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

you will receive the address to send your  EATC ,when we receive the payment.

Lincoln  Town Car 1997  AC/Climate Control  EATC  , Core Exchange .  with 4 years limited warranty, 
 $136 plus  $90 Core  value = $226 
You will receive $90 plus Postage credit back when we receive your Core.

shipping is by post office expedited ( 2-days priority Mail ).

​click here to pay  $226